A six-week introduction to writing fiction with author Marion Grace Woolley.

Venue: Casa Keza next to SOS Children's Village, KG 573, Kacyiru.

Day/Time: To Be Confirmed

Price: FRW 50,000 

Booking Details: E-mail or SMS/WhatsApp your name with e-mail address or number to: 0781 446 867. We will use this to send you booking information.

I will be running an introductory course at Casa Keza, a new learning centre opening near Kacyiru MINAGRI. This will be a six-week crash course in writing compelling fiction. We'll be covering:

  • The history of creative writing
  • Scene setting and descriptive
  • Character development and perspective
  • Writing natural dialogue
  • Plot construction and dramatic conflict
  • Timelines and chronology
  • Short story building

If you are interested in learning more, connect via Facebook or Twitter. We also have a chat group on Facebook to connect people talking about writing in Rwanda.

If you have a space that would be suitable for running courses, I'm always happy to discuss this. I can offer courses in the following:

  • Introduction to fiction writing
  • Introduction to scriptwriting: screen (using Celtx)
  • Introduction to scriptwriting: stage
  • Introduction to memoir writing
  • Spoken word storytelling

For those who have completed the introduction to fiction writing, I can also offer: 

  • Intermediate fiction writing
  • Advanced fiction writing (including submissions process)

If you are running a team building event, I offer shorter half-day and full-day group storytelling workshops. These can be a great way to explore how we communicate, how we build relationships, and how we present information.